Uric acid buildup results in a number of distressing symptoms, and the intensity and severity of these arthritis symptoms is what often drives people to seek natural remedies for gout. While a buildup of uric acid that results in a severe attack of kidney stones may necessarily require formal medical intervention, milder gout symptoms may be lessened or nearly alleviated by a number of alternative treatments.

Accordingly, natural remedies for gout are worth considering as a viable part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Many of these remedies go beyond simply adding a new food to your diet, and some natural remedies for gout are more about committing to healthy lifestyle changes. The right combination of remedies may lead to genuine relief, and let you move and live without the presence of relentless arthritis pain.

natural remedies for gout

Gout attacks may occur due to a number of reasons, from alcohol consumption, eating foods that are high in purine, or from being significantly overweight. Accordingly, some natural remedies for gout include limiting your alcohol intake and avoiding sardines, anchovies, shellfish, and sausages containing organ meats as ways to limit your exposure to purine.

As obesity is strongly linked to increasing your overall chance of developing gout, monitoring your fat intake should be part of a natural regimen as well. Fried foods, desserts, and salad dressings are common problematic food items, and working with your physician or a nutritionist may help you understand how to make food choices that will reduce the amount of fat you consume on a regular basis.

Weight Loss is Important for Gout Treatment

As intense as some gout attacks may be, you may have symptoms that clear up within several days with little if any treatment. Some people even report going for as long as several months or years before experiencing a subsequent attack. With this much time lag you may have stopped using prescribed medications, but having natural remedies for gout to fall back on may help whenever you experience another painful episode.

If carrying excess weight has been at the root of your problems, your continued practices of eating healthy meals may at least prolong the amount of time you go without experiencing any discomfort. Your weight loss attempt should be done carefully, as losing too much weight too quickly may also lead to high uric acid levels that set the stage for gout attacks.(A Good Gout Diet )

Just as drinking alcohol makes it more difficult for your body to eliminate uric acid, a lack of fluids in general can make things more difficult as well. Accordingly, drinking enough water will help your body flush out unneeded uric acid and help you avoid joint inflammation and pain. Avoiding alcohol altogether during painful episodes and drinking a minimum of six glasses of water each day are natural remedies for gout that will benefit your entire body. Other dietary considerations concentrate on regulating the amount of uric acid produced by the body, as well as its proper elimination.

In addition to being a healthy source of protein, antioxidants, and nutrients, black bean broth has been reported as being effective at relieving gout symptoms. Drinking the broth reduces pain and swelling, as its inherent properties help keep inflammation to a minimum. This is one of the natural remedies for gout that may be easily prepared at home, as slowly boiling black beans in water, letting them cool, and then removing the beans is all that you would need to do. The broth may be consumed cold or warm, but for maximum effect drinking black bean broth as soon as you feel symptoms coming on would be strongly advised.

Using Parsley as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Eating foods that are alkaline in nature help uric acid remain at proper levels in the urine and blood, and may also diminish gout symptoms. Parsley is an herb that may be classified as an alkaline food, and adding it to your diet may be an easy way to improve your kidney functioning and prevent painful attacks of gout. Fresh or dried burdock root is another of the natural remedies for gout, and it has been used for centuries by many cultures to hasten the removal of excess fluids from the joints and tissues of the body. Like parsley, burdock root may be added to salads or other vegetable dishes as a way to relieve gout.

Lists of natural remedies for gout often include various beverages that may be helpful, including teas, juices, and other liquid preparations. Drinking dandelion tea is reportedly good for reducing swelling in the ankles and feet, and you may even soak your feet in burdock tea to alleviate gout pain. Consuming a glass of brewed tart cherry juice twice on days when you are experiencing acute attacks may be quite helpful, and drinking one glass each day thereafter may help prohibit future attacks.

Like parsley, a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar has alkaline properties that also promote proper uric acid levels and kidney functioning. Consuming a glass of water mixed with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can lessen symptoms during attacks and guard against subsequent attacks as well.

There are some external natural remedies for gout that may relieve painful symptoms, including ginger, cayenne pepper, activated charcoal, and mullein. Soaking in a bath sprinkled with ground ginger may help you sweat out excess uric acid, and applying a paste of cayenne pepper directly on painful and swollen areas may be beneficial as well. Another helpful natural gout treatment includes applying compresses of activated charcoal and soaked mullein leaves onto affected areas.

Other ways to ensure of experiencing fewer or less intense gout symptoms include eating healthy carbohydrates and avoiding unhealthy ones. As you eliminate sugary and refined products from your diet, you can simultaneously add whole grain breads, cereals, and pastas to your daily diet. You may also work with your physician or a nutritionist to ensure that you are consuming enough fruits and vegetables, which will be helpful as well. Selecting the natural remedies that support your overall health may significantly improve how you feel both mentally and physically. Click below for natural home remedies for gout.


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